Bards Missing in Action

Greetings, friends and fans, we think it’s about time for a blog post! We’ve been pretty quiet this year, but don’t worry—we haven’t gone anywhere. We just needed an extended break.

But now is the time to begin looking forward to next year. We’re looking for venues and even have a couple of performances already scheduled. We’ll be at the Prairie Land Music Fest and Campout in June of 2016 and InConJunction XXXVI in July of 2016, at which we will be the Music Guests of Honor. We’re really excited about both of these bookings, and we can’t wait to hit the road again!

In the meantime, we would like to introduce a bandmate who…isn’t exactly new.

Say hi to Riley!

No, that is not Sean’s sister, as several people have posited. Our rockin’ guitarist has recently revealed that she is transgender. Say hi to Riley!

Our extended hiatus has also given us time to move our base of operations from our home on the northeast side of Indianapolis to a new house on the east side of Indianapolis. The new place came complete with a pre-built recording studio in the basement, which we look forward to using to great effect for our recording projects.

So apart from the aforementioned events, what does next year hold? Nothing else is finalized, yet, but we’re looking at more festivals and are, as always, eager to play house concerts. Something that we’re especially looking forward to about next year is that we will have some extra hands to help out and prevent that one thing from happening again. Both of our new helpers have lots of managerial and retail experience, and we look forward to working with them throughout the year. We will formally introduce them in due time.

You won’t likely hear from us again before the end of 2015, but keep an eye on our Schedule page for information on our confirmed shows. We miss you all and we can’t wait to see you and share some music with you again! Contact us if you want us to come out your way, and we’ll come bearing music, mischief, and hugs!

Until then ❤


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