Coming to the End of the Year

The days are growing steadily shorter and the nights ever colder, and we once again find ourselves at the time of year when we look back and reflect. We’re reflecting on what a wonderful tour we’ve had this year, and on all of the people who made it possible. As we wrap up our 2014 tour, we wanted to thank the following people:

  • Sean’s mom and step-dad, who took care of the cats and the house any time we went out of town—if you’ve been following us, you know we went out of town a lot this year, so that was no small task
  • Katt’s mom, who enthusiastically attended our shows each and every chance she got, talked us up to anyone who would listen, and repeatedly told us how proud we make her
  • Katt’s sister, who bravely opened her home to us when we needed to move the venue for our Cleveland house concert in September at the last minute
  • Sean’s aunt and uncle in New Orleans, who gave us safe and joyous haven
  • Our friends, who fangirled/boyed at us, helped us promote our music in a million different ways, and were so excited about our music that they were (to use some of their own words), “not unlike a child wanting to open Christmas presents at 1:00am because dammit it’s Christmas already”—and who were always excited to see us, but still understanding when we said they wouldn’t because we had to rehearse/rest up/travel/et cetera
  • All of our many fans, who give us both a reason and the ability to continue doing something that we are so, so in love with doing
  • All of the many gracious house concert hosts, music track programmers, and event organizers, who invited us to their homes and their events, and gave us places to play, express ourselves, and make new friends
  • Katt’s IndieGoGo backers, who eagerly jumped at the chance to bring her next CDs into the world, and then oh-so-patiently waited for them to be finished

This stunningly fantastic tour would not have been so without all of you. You made our 2014 touring season the best we’ve ever had, and we’re so excited to see what we all can do with 2015. Thank you all so much for coming on this journey with us.

Our last show of the year is over, and so now we withdraw into the background for a few months. We will rest and recharge and then reemerge in 2015 with new songs and stories to share. Until we meet again, lights and loves, keep your fires burning and take care. We’ll see you when winter is waning.


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