Starting Out in 2014

We took a brief step out of our door this year on March 1st for the 2014 Indianapolis Masquerade Ball, but quickly ducked back inside after it was over. We still had work to do. The extended winter this year has served us well, affording us plenty of time to finish “Faces in the Fog” before we hit the road in earnest. That album, began in September of 2013, is now finished and available for purchase and streaming! We hope you enjoy it thoroughly, and that you keep an eye out for its sister album, “[untitled]”, which is expected to release this summer.

Now that spring has finally sprung—er, sort of—and “Faces in the Fog” has released, our 2014 tour has really begun! We hit the road hard at the outset, playing Chicago, Winnipeg, and Minneapolis all within the same week. And what a wonderful week it’s been! Chicago met us with enormous fog banks that obscured most of the city on our way in, and it was a beautiful way to be greeted. Life Force Arts Center, our venue there, was a great space, and contained a small but eager audience. We really can’t thank Joan enough for having us up, and we hope to return soon!

Wax Chaotic at Life Force Arts Center

After an evening spent with the two wonderfully gracious people who opened their home for us to rest the night in, we zoomed off to Winnipeg, Canada. That was roughly a thirteen hour drive, for anyone curious, which isn’t the longest road trip we’ve ever taken, but it was still grueling. We arrived weary and bleary-eyed to the warm and welcoming home of our Canadian hosts. They and the audience they invited to the concert were just wonderful beyond words. It was a taste of something a bit different than our usual science-fiction convention fare, and we really hope we can get more house concerts on our schedule.

Wax Chaotic in Winnipeg, CA

And we would like to send out endless thanks to Elizabeth and Dave Clement, who invited us to their table Tuesday night and filled us full of delicious chili.

After lingering in Winnipeg for a few days, we returned to the States for Minicon. We’d never been to this one before, but it was a lot of fun. (Thanks, Eric!) The people were all warm and friendly, the con suite was exquisite, and the music programming was terrific. In short, it was a great weekend. We had a good group for our concert, some of whom invited us out to dinner afterward (if you’ve never tried Malaysian food, we can now highly recommend it). There was laughing and joking and time spent relaxing in the hot tub. So if you’re within driving distance of Minneapolis and you’ve never tried Minicon, consider giving it a go next year.

Wax Chaotic at Minicon 49

Now we return home for a couple of weeks. It’s time to practice and to organize, to write and to plan. Also, some dear friends of ours will be getting married, and we have the honor of being in their wedding party. After that, it’s off to Demicon and lots of other events. As always, keep an eye on our schedule for more information on tour dates.

As the first leg of our 2014 tour winds to a close, we wish to very heartily thank our venue hosts, our lodging hosts, our audiences, and the people who aren’t afraid to feed us (which is quite akin to feeding a stray cat—they’ll never be rid of us). We also would be lost without the people who keep giving us feedback to let us know how we’re doing. You are all instrumental to how we grow and shape ourselves, and we love having you along for the ride.

Check out our Facebook page for photos from our recent events, as well as links to convention videos, tour information, or to ask us a question for our video Q&A. Until next time!